Hand Stamped By Heather Wright-Porto: CARD KITS **** NEW ****

Saturday, March 1, 2008

CARD KITS **** NEW ****

Unfortunately, I know not everyone gets around to stamping as much as they'd like or may not get to all the workshops they'd like to, so I am designing a Card of the Month program, Birthday Card Kits, and a new Classes To Go Club.

Card of the Month Program
Join this program and you will receive a new card (completed/finished) from me every month to help replenish your cards and to always have one on hand:

Jan: Everyday/General
Feb: Valentine's Day
Mar: Birthday (female)
Apr: Easter/Passover
May: Mother's Day
Jun: Father's Day
Jul: Baby
Aug: Wedding
Sep: Birthday (Male)
Oct: Halloween
Nov: Thanksgiving
Dec: Christmas/Holiday/Hanukkah

PRICE: $40 per year (includes shipping (USA) -- one card each month)

Birthday Cards Kit
Buy packs of hand stamped, beautifully crafted Birthday Cards (completed) so you will always have them when you need them!

PRICES (includes shipping (USA)):

Includes 5 different designs and then multiples of each design depending on the quantity ordered: 1. Male, 2. Female, 3. Child/Baby Girl, 4. Child/Baby Boy, 5. Generic. Samples coming soon!

Buy more and SAVE!

10 for $40
15 for $56.25 (save $3.75)
20 for $70 (save $10)
25 for $81.25 (save $18.75 )
$30 for $90 (save $30)

Larger quantities available if desired. Contact me for more information.

Classes To Go **** NEW CLUB ****
Designed for the stamper who desires to make their own cards but wants to save a little time doing so. Use your stamps and inks (or buy them from me (LOL)), and I will precut and prescore the paper, and provide the needed embellsihments (ribbon strips, brads, rhinestones, envelopes and more.

Samples coming soon! Please let me know if you're intersted in joining this great new, affordable club. There are kits for 5 or 10 cards. So, every month you will pay the Classes To Go Club Membership fee and get 5 or 10 new cards (pricing below). Month to Month Membership -- join when you can!

Register now and get supplies for an extra/free card!

PRICES (includes shipping (USA)):
5 for $10 (same design)
10 for $18 -- Save $2.00 (two designs, 5 of each)

Kits will include kit contents, instructions on how to assemble the cards, and sample pictures of each.

Hope you find one of these options appealing.
Contact me to join, buy, both or just for more information!
Heather Wright-Porto