Hand Stamped By Heather Wright-Porto: Baby is coming soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby is coming soon!

Hi there!

Many of you know that I am expecting our 2nd child, Luke, any day now. My due date is Aug. 17th, but after visiting the doctor on this week it looks like he will be arriving much sooner and over the next week or so. We are very excited!!! And so is our daugther, Michaela, who just turned 3 this month.

A few have asked about sending me gifts or wanting to know if I had a registry. I did not have a registry since this is our 2nd baby and we do have a lot saved from Michaela, but then some things of course you can always use...like diapers, wipes, A&D Cream and all that fun stuff!!!! I can't find all my bottles (LOL). So I just put together this registry today. Anything "boy" of course is welcomed as I have everything "girl" from Michaela.

Registry #: 48839263
Expected Arrival Date: 08/17/2009

For those Stampin' Up! demonstrators and crafters who have asked...of course a handmade card or anything handmade you know is precious and welcome.
Let me stress....please DO NOT feel obligated at all. I just know many have asked and I hadn't had a chance to personally email everyone back so I wanted to just post it here.

I'll be featuring a post on Luke when he arives and have a family photo to share as well.
Wish me luck!!!


jguyeby said...

August 17th is a good day to be born. I was born on August 17th many years ago... lol
Good Luck.
Jennifer Eby

Sue said...

Hi Heather, I would like to personally thank you for ALL your help with the
tour and my blog. Very much appreciated! I wasn't aware that you were soon
due to have a baby or I wouldn't have bothered you so much. All the best and
I hope it goes very smoothly for you, well as smoothly as having a baby will
go that is! :)

PS...August is a great month to be born. I was born on 31st August (long time agoooo) lol.

Sue said...

Congrats on your new baby son Luke. Hope all is well. TFS