Hand Stamped By Heather Wright-Porto: Deck The Halls Paper Ornaments (Kids Craft Class, Tuxedo Park Library)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Deck The Halls Paper Ornaments (Kids Craft Class, Tuxedo Park Library)

During the month of December I hosted another Kids Craft Program at the Tuxedo Park Library and we created these two projects - the small tote bag to hold the decorative, paper ornament. The kids loved it (and so did the parents that attended).

The tote is from an old planner I purchased from Andrea Walford where she gave the instructions on how to create such a cute tote bag. I have used it many times over and over again has it is the perfect size for many gifts - a set of 4x4 cards, an ornament in this case, a box of jewelry, a gift card and more!

This adorable ornament was an idea shared by my dear friend, Diane Caro of Lakeside Stamper.  I modified it as I wasn't sure exactly how she made it (LOL) and had to make it for the kids to make.  So there are really two pieces to this project adhered together by a Pop-Glue Dot in the end.  Below you can see images of the two pieces joined together by ribbon, brads, and then the Pop-up Glue dot would be applied to hold the two pieces together.

 So, how did I make it?
  • I started with 13 punched Scallop Circles.
  • One kept for the base, and another set aside for the "other side" of the ornament (the smaller part of the project), leaving 11 circles to fill the ornament.
  • For each of the 11 pieces, I used SNAIL adhesive on the bottom 1/2 of each circle, and then folded in the left side, then the right side to make a wedge.  In class we called it a pizza slice and that we were making 11 slices to create the whole pizza.
  • Then each piece was laid on the base (which was completely covered with SNAIL adhesive), to make a pizza (LOL)! 
  • Then a rhinestone brad was placed through a punched small snowflake, and then through a Big Felt Flurries snowflake (brad and snowflakes on Clearance Rack at Stampin' Up!).  Then it was pierced thru a pice of Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon. Then the brad was opened as shown above.
  • Next, the smaller part of this ornament is just a Scallop Circle where another brad was placed through a punched snowflake, through a felt snowflake, through the Scallop Circle and then through the other end of the ribbon (as shown above).
  • Then both pieces where stuck together using a Pop-up Glue Dot.
For the kids, I had punched all the Scallop Circles for them (each had 13) and I had punched all the snowflakes and ribbon so they could quickly adhere all the pieces together.  So each baggie had:
  • 13 Scallop Circles
  • 2 Big Felt Flurries
  • 2 punched snowflakes
  • 2 Fire Round Rhinestones
  • 1 piece of Chocolate Chip Satin Ribbon
  • SNAIL glue
Michaela loved it as well. Hope you and your loved ones had a wonderful holiday and continue to enjoy the holiday season!

Happy Holidays!
Heather Wright-Porto